Saturday, November 27, 2021


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cost private island

Cost of a Private Island

Ballpark estimate: $100,000-$5 million+ (Many more extravagant options exist.) If your idea of paradise is to have your own private island, you might be pleasantly surprised...
cost las vegas wedding

Cost for a Las Vegas Wedding

Ballpark estimate: $50 to $3,500+ (Plus $55 for a marriage license application) Dreaming of marrying your intended in an intimate, Elvis-inspired wedding in a little white...
Cost for a Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Cost for a Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Ballpark estimate: $1,000 to $25,000 If your vision for your wedding includes you floating down the aisle in an exquisite Vera Wang bridal gown, you’re certainly...
Cost for Wedding Gown Preservation

Cost for Wedding Gown Preservation

Ballpark estimate: $150 to $400+ (but more elaborate or heavily stained gowns can cost much more!) With all of the hard work leading up to...
cost college admission consultant

Cost for a College Admissions Consultant or Independent Educational Counselor

Ballpark estimate: $1,000 to $40,000 Getting into a good college isn’t a given these days, even for the best students. As more youngsters compete for limited...
Costs for Wedding Invitations

What it Costs for Wedding Invitations

Ballpark estimate: $100 to $2,000+ for 100 sets Wonder what to budget for your wedding invitations? The options span a wide range and what you can...
Cost for an Eco-Friendly Bridal Gown

Cost for an Eco-Friendly Bridal Gown

Ballpark estimate: $400 to $2,000+ These days, weddings are big business, and they can have a big impact on the environment, too. But if you...
cost justice of the peace ceremony

Cost for a Justice of the Peace

Ballpark estimate: $50 to $400 If you’re planning a civil wedding ceremony, you may want to hire a justice of the peace to make your union...